Our company possesses the necessary equipment to embroider on all types of fabric. We also provide façon jobs. We embroider logos, corporate brands, key chains, military logos, strass, payettes, embroidery on ready-made garments and work wear, such as aprons, overalls, hats etc.
Silk Screen Printing
It is the oldest and best known method of imprinting designs and photographic images on fabrics. It is a complex, time-consuming process, used on a large number of fabrics. The outcome is impressive with regard to fabric and colour quality and durability. We also create models, films and screen printing frame stretcher development. The maximum number of printed colours is six, while CMYK four-colour process is also available.
Vinyl Prints
It is an innovative printing method for your desired design on the respective fabric. It provides high quality imprints and print durability. It is recommended for linear designs and not for photographic image and design printing with a combination of colours.
Digital Printing
Digital printing is a facile method of producing labels, stamps/prints and adhesive labels on fabrics, with the greatest detail and highest resolution. It is mainly used for the production of small scale imprints and cutting. You can experience our incomparable performance and top quality production in all our products.
Thermal Transfer Printing
It is one of the best known techniques for printing designs and photographic images on polyester, acrylic and synthetic fabrics. The thermal transfer printing technology utilises top quality products, resulting in your imprints being the most durable solution to washing, ironing and the passage of time.
Foil Screen Printing
Heat transferred metallic foil, available in gold and silver and a wide range of colours, plain or holographic foil, with a very glossy or matte finish. Applied in a one or two part process. Suitable for both light and dark coloured fabrics.
Plastisol Screen Printing
Heat transfer printing suitable for one-coloured or multicoloured designs. It may be combined with glitter, metallic colours and strass. Matte finish or glossy sheen is possible.
Sewing Workshop - Cutting
Our workshop facility includes a sewing area, where we cut and sew work and restaurant aprons, tote bags, duffle bags, wallets, bandanas and specialty items.
Laser Engraving
The Laser engraving method is suitable for creating designs on the garment of your choice.
Tampon Printing
The tampon printing technique is recommended for printing on promotional pens, lighters, ashtrays, glasses, bottles, including materials such as aluminium, leather, plastic and any solid object of small dimensions, in general.